Bruxism Appliances

A bruxism appliance is a mouthguard used to help stop the grinding of teeth.  Also, the kind of treatment recommended for teeth grinding can depend on the level of bruxism, and advanced cases might need specialized treatment from the doctor, however most cases can be treated through use of a mouth guard which is either custom made or readymade. It is best to schedule a visit to be properly diagnosed, and to then make an informed decision about the best course of action to remedy this habit, based on the level of symptoms being exhibited.

Symptoms of bruxism

Some bruxers are unaware that they grind their teeth until the symptoms become quite obvious and painful.  These include noticing that teeth have become worn and chipped, or that they are sensitive to hot and cold food and drink. Bruxism can also affect the muscles of the face so that sufferers frequently wake up with a painful jaw or headaches. Other bruxers are blissfully unaware that they were grinding their teeth until informed of the fact by a disgruntled bed fellow.